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The poster sessions with author attendance will be held online using Gathertown to support discussions and interactions between the on-site and online participants. There will also be physical display of the posters onsite in the event hall of PalaCinema during the entire week (no rotation of posters, attendance of author on private arrangement). For the online presentation in Gathertown, posters must be uploaded by 15 August. For general information about Gathertown see and download the guide using the link below. For ERAD2022 there will be a dedicated Gathertown link with access control. The link will be provided in the week before the conference. Gathertown is also used as backup for the oral sessions in case of technical problems with zoom-webinar.

Click here to download the guide of


Two plenary poster sessions are scheduled during ERAD2022 (Tue 30 Aug 16:30-18:00 CEST and Thu 1 Sep 08:30-10:30 CEST).


They will be fully online on Gathertown. Presenters are expected to be "in front" of their online poster for at least 45 min during those two online sessions. In addition to their poster (that will have been uploaded by ERAD organization), authors will have the possibility to use up to 5 slides to introduce or complement their poster. Those slides will be presented from their personal computer by sharing the screen (and will be visible from all participants in a certain area around the poster).

The Gathertown space will be accessible the entire week, 24/7. So participants are welcome to meet in front of posters outside the plenary poster sessions described above.

On site in Locarno the printed posters will be visible all week long, so participants are welcome to have discussions in front of the physical posters, based on intended or spontaneous encounters.

The details about the connection to join the ERAD2022 Gathertown space will be communicated in due time.

Final email message sent to participants. In case you did not receive it, please contact

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