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The following exhibitors have been present during ERAD 2022 conference:


Meteorological Systems, Services & Solutions

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LEONARDO Germany GmbH occupies a worldwide leading position in the design, manufacture, sales and service of weather radar systems, sensors and system solutions for meteorology, hydrology and aviation. With our METEOR product line, featuring state-of-the-art S-, C- and X-Band weather radar technology, we spearhead the weather radar industry, serving a wide base of international customers including aviation authorities, national weather services, military services, hydrological institutions and research agencies. With the introduction of SKIRON3D®, our proprietary Doppler lidar system, we are further enhancing our outstanding meteorological portfolio. LEONARDO Germany GmbH focuses on providing customized system and turnkey solutions that reflect a deep concern for the individual customer.


Leonardo Showroom


Weather Radar & Signal Processing


GAMIC is a company for state-of-the-art meteorological signal processing hardware and software as well as complete X-band Doppler weather radar systems with single or dual polarization. In the past 30 years, our custom solutions and consulting services have facilitated radar related projects of nearly any scale. Our customers and partners include national weather services, authorities and agencies, educational institutions, and companies in over 30 countries from all over the world.


Trusted weather observations

for a sustainable future


Future-proof effective and accurate weather observations and forecasts. Vaisala’s industry-leading weather observation technologies, instruments, and solutions lay the foundation for you to improve your ability to measure and forecast weather and weather phenomena. Get superior weather radar data quality and availability through industry-leading data processing and hardware, designed to meet even the most demanding requirements.


State of the art radar technology since 1993


Pioneers in the development of X-Band weather radar systems, cutting-edge radar components, all-around maintenance



Since the foundation of Palindrome Remote Sensing in 2017, it has always been our motivation to improve weather radar measurements, making them more accurate and more reliable. With the invention of the world's first dual-polarization radar target generator - an instrument specifically developed for the needs of the weather radar community - we have moved a major step closer to our goal.

Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC)

EEC logo.jpg

EEC is your complete remote sensing provider, offering a full spectrum of weather radar and satellite data collection & display solutions. For over 50 years EEC has manufactured and installed over 1,100 weather radar systems in over 100 countries; more than all our competitors combined! EEC’s offers numerous variations of our legacy magnetron & klystron Defender systems. Additionally, EEC offers our 100% solid-state line of radars; Endurance (C-Band) & X-Band. Combined with EEC TeleSpace’s full spectrum of direct receive weather satellite ground stations, EEC’s solutions provide our our customers with the most advanced systems in the world.



Meteopress is a disruptor in the weather radar industry, C-band, S-band, and X-band dual-pol Doppler radars are the most important division of the company with more than 35 radars deployed. With lightweight construction design and low power consumption, our radars can be powered by solar. That all brings the costs of radar deployment to the minimum.A strong AI team is bringing previously impossible products, with precipitation and satellite nowcasting, gaps and blockages filling and much more.

Research in Germany


Have you ever considered collaborating with German partners or going abroad for some time for your PhD, a research stay or even your entire research career? Together with research institutions and networks the initiative “Research in Germany“ provides detailed information on the German research landscape and on career and funding opportunities for researchers of all career stages.

Visit “Research in Germany” at ERAD to learn more about research, funding and collaboration opportunities for radar in meteorology and hydrology in Germany!

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