Upload your poster or reserve the space until 15th July

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Posters are displayed during the entire conference week; there is no rotation.

IMPORTANT! If you want to display your poster onsite at the conference centre you have to either upload your poster (PFS) or reserve the space until 15 July 2022. 

During the conference, posters will be displayed both onsite on poster walls in the conference centre, and in a virtual manner during dedicated online poster sessions. The attendance of the presenting author is requested only during the online sessions.

All posters displayed onsite at the conference centre in Locarno have a maximum size of A0, that is, a maximum width of 841 mm and a maximum height of 1189 mm. They are displayed in portrait orientation (see picture). For the online presentations of your poster you are welcome to use a different format if desired.

For the display onsite on poster walls at the conference centre, there are two options: 


  1. We offer for free to print professionally your poster and mount it on the poster wall for you (poster full service - PFS). This way your poster is on display at the conference centre even in the unfortunate case that you cannot come to Locarno in person.

  2. As alternative, you bring your poster to Locarno and attach it on the poster wall yourself (print and mount yourself).


We can offer PFS for a maximum number of 200 posters. There is no additional cost for you. To apply for PFS you have to upload your poster in pdf format using the EPFL ENACSHARE file sharing system by pressing the button below. PFS is assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your application for PFS is valid if you have successfully uploaded your poster and the payment for registration of the presenting author has been received. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 working days after your upload. In case of changes you can upload a new version of your poster using the same file name. For PFS please upload it by 15 July 2022. 

File name for upload:“PFS_<ID abstract>_<FamilynameOfPresentingAuthor>.pdf”

Example: PFS_001_Surname.pdf

ID-abstract is the number indicated in the email that you have received from EasyChair after submission of your abstract. We recommend not to use accents or non-standard characters in the file name. 

Click below to download your poster







If you bring and mount your poster yourself, nevertheless you have to reserve the space for your poster wall at the conference centre until 15 July 2022. 

For reserving a poster wall, please just send an email by indicating your name, session and ID of the abstract of your poster to: