All oral sessions are run in a fully hybrid mode, using the two lecture rooms "Sala 1" and "Sala 2" at PalaCinema for onsite attendees combined with zoom-webinar for virtual participants. This set-up will allow both onsite and virtual attendees to follow and present in the session equally.

For general information about zoom webinar see .

For ERAD2022 there will be a dedicated zoom link for each room with access control (only one connection per registered participant). The links will be provided mid-August.


Onsite presenters must give a live presentation and upload their slides at the latest 24 hours before the session. Details for the uploading will be provided later. Onsite presenters will manage their slides on stage.


Online presenters will open their presentation on their own computer, share their screen via zoom-webinar and forward their slides themselves. Make sure to use a good internet connection and a headset for the audio. To use the loudspeakers and microphone of your computer is not allowed because of sound quality issues.

Any participation in a session, whether oral or poster, virtually or onsite, as presenter or attendee, requires a personal registration. Please note the deadlines for onsite and online registration. Registered participants will receive a personal access to the dedicated zoom-webinar and Gathertown sessions.