Until June 30th

Different hotel rooms, with different prices, have been arranged by the Ascona-Locarno Tourism Organization and they can now be booked for the ERAD 2020 conference.

If you are interested in booking one of the “pre-reserved” rooms, you are invited to follow the booking steps outlined below.


We recommended booking in advance, in order to guarantee the best options for your needs as well as at the best rate possible. Additionally, a reservation in a shared room allows you to obtain advantageous prices.

By booking into one of the proposed accommodation structures, you are entitled, after checking-in, to obtain the Ticino Ticket card, which allows you to have certain advantages during your stay in Ticino. These advantages include free public transport and discounts on cable cars, Swiss shipping companies and in some main tourist attractions.


1. Rooms should be booked using the booking procedure prepared by the Ascona Locarno Tourist Organization

2. Once the clients have filled in the document prepared by the Ascona Locarno Tourist Organization, they will receive an e-mail from the aforementioned Organisation concerning the booking.  The booking information will also be sent to the chosen hotel (the Ascona Locarno Tourist Organization will receive the information and forward it to the hotel in question)

3. At this point, the hotel will send a request to the client for his/her credit card details. This information serves as a guarantee for the hotel (the client will pay for the booking when checking out)

4. Once the hotel receives the credit card details, it will send confirmation of the booking to the client.



Please pay attention to the following points:

  • If you encounter any problems with the booking process, please contact, who is in charge of Incoming & hospitality of the Ascona - Locarno Tourism Organization.

  • We recommend reading the privacy information and booking conditions, which can be found at the end of the booking form.